IPCA serves as your representative to the Indiana General Assembly and liaison with key government agencies such as:

  • Indiana Department of Environmental Management
  • Indiana Department of Transportation
  • Indiana Department of Revenue
  • Indiana State Fire Marshal
  • Indiana Department of Commerce
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • United States Department of Transportation

During the Indiana legislature, IPCA sends out legislative reports on a weekly basis. If a situation occurs which requires that members be immediately notified, legislative alerts are emailed to members.

The truth about our industry is that we need to come together as a unified voice to make a difference. Here are just a few facts about our Industry:

  • There are just over 2,700 convenience stores in Indiana.
  • Nearly 50% of all Indiana convenience stores are owned by single-store operators.
  • In 2013, the average statewide price for gasoline was $3.40/gallon.
  • The average profit for Indiana retailers on a gallon of gasoline was 13.6 cents. Indiana is ranked 48th in the country when it comes to making money on gasoline.

To review the list of State Issues and what we support and what we oppose, you must be a member, click here if you are a member of IPCA. If you are not a member of IPCA and would like to join, please click here to review our membership information.

For questions or more information on regulatory or legislative issues, please contact Brad Baughn or 317.472.3890 or 317.446.6773.